Famous Characters that Use A Bow and Arrow

Are you aware of the number of famous fictional characters using bow and arrows?

I believe that we all find inspiration in famous fictional characters that inspire us to make many decisions in life. I have to say that my favorite bow and arrow characters were a huge influence. If it wasn’t for the admiration I felt for those characters, it’s very likely that I would have never asked for a bow when I was a kid.

With that said, I’m not here to say that my favorite characters are the greatest. I created this list after doing some research on the most popular characters that wield a bow and arrow. I do include my favorite character in the list, but the idea is to give you some basic info on the most popular characters that wield this weapon.

My personal favorite and my most inspiring character

I have to start with my two personal picks. One of them is due to how inspirational he was. The other is because of how amazing she is with the bow and arrow.


Legolas - Lord of the rings

When I first read the Lord of the Rings book, I found Legolas to be most inspiring even before the book became a movie. I was already feeling curious about the bow and arrow at this point. This was definitely the character that I liked the most. I remember over one decade later when the first movie came out, I was so excited to see Legolas rocking that bow in such a masterful way.

It’s hard to forget that scene when he hops on that giant elephant and then gracefully slides off the animal as it falls and drags along the dirt. I felt that the hero I loved from the books had been given a proper and very powerful interpretation by Orlando Bloom. I just wish he never played Paris in Troy. It felt like I was looking at a spoiled and spineless version of Legolas.

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Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn

Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn

This might not be a very popular character to people outside of the gaming world, but most video game players know who this female archer is and what game she comes from. Aloy is an amazing character from a PlayStation 4 game called Horizon Zero Dawn. I really like video games and I enjoy them as a hobby. When I say the first footage for this game, I knew I would love it. This game takes place in the post-apocalyptic world and the bow and arrow are her main weapon. Any archer that likes video games should try this title.

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The most popular characters



It would be impossible to have a list of the most famous fictional characters without this little-winged fellow. Cupid is responsible for shooting love-inducing arrows all over the world. He is the son of Mars and Venus and he is the official face of Saint Valentine’s Day.

We all know about Cupid, but the truth is that he is not some super skilled archer. He is popular for his powers, but he has never really done anything that makes me think he is a superior archer. With that said, this is a list of famous characters, not necessarily skilled characters.

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Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Arguably just as popular as Cupid, Robin Hood strikes an even more familiar chord. He is the hero of the people. A man who decided to take from the rich and give to the poor. I would say that this is the true poster boy for the bow and arrow, known by his incredible shooting skills and his special accessories. There are cartoons, movies and TV shows that have featured the famous archer over the years.

We all know that there are some serious Robin Hood movies, but my favorite is the comedy Men in Tights. I was watching it recently and I can’t believe how corny and cheesy it is, but I will always see it as a classic. Russell Crowe had a decent version, but Gladiator eclipsed it even though it came out prior to Robin Hood.

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Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games

Everyone has heard of the famous movie series called the Hunger Games, but only those who have seen the movies are aware of the incredible skills this woman possesses. This is a very interesting movie about a young woman who happens to be an archery master. This allows her to win a reality show that happens to be a fight to the death against other chosen competitors from low-class districts in a dystopian world.

I think this character has become very popular because of her strength. She is a very strong woman that is also fighting for what is right in a world that seems completely wrong. I still find the first Hunger Games movie to be the best one.

don’t forget that in order to become an archery master, it takes lots of practicing time, and many mistakes along the way. the big secret is willpower and controlling your mental state.

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John Rambo

John Rambo

Yes, this guy might be known for shooting guns in the jungle, but he is a master of the bow and arrow. We are talking about a soldier that is able to survive even in the most difficult situations. Just throw him on the battlefield and he will come out even without any modern weapons. He will make his own bow and arrows and he will get the job done. He also happens to have a custom bow that throws these exploding arrows and gives hell to the enemy.

When I talk to teenagers and they have no idea who Rambo is, I almost feel like a tear is going to come out of my eyes. They should all get to watch every Rambo and Rocky movie in school.

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Hawkeye - The Avengers

We all know that the Avengers have turned into a huge sensation in modern times. Hawkeye is the ultimate superhero archer that does some amazing stunts with his bow. He certainly gives a Legolas a run for this money, but I still think that the giant elephant scene in Lord of the Rings is unbeatable. I do like the way archer shoots arrows with accuracy that no other archer has displayed. He even throws them without aiming and hits the mark. obviously, it is just a movie and shooting as good as Hawkeye requires very long practice time.

Personally, I was never much of a fan of this character and never saw him as a huge star in the comics I read, but he has definitely resurfaced with the movies. The simple fact that he is turning more people into archery is good enough for me.

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Daryl Dixon

Drayl Dixon - Walking Dead

This is a controversial entry because Daryl never uses a bow and arrow, instead, he uses a crossbow to shoot his arrows. Some would say that this is the evolution of the bow and arrow and is still considered archery, but I know some will disagree. I believe that Daryl showed some amazing skills with his weapon and he deserves to be on this list.

Daryl is probably the ultimate badass with a code of honor and a very serious attitude. I don’t think I ever saw his character laugh in the show. This gives him that extra edge of mystery and style.

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Green Arrow

The Green Arrow

This is a TV show that has gained a lot of popularity and the protagonist is an incredible archer. A world-class archer that is turned into a superhero. He has shown his skills with the bow and arrow for the delight of those of us who love archery. There are many heroes in comic books, but this one has turned into one of the most popular without a doubt.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft - Tomb Rider

While this video game character used to be known for wielding guns, she went back to a more primitive arsenal in the latest Tomb Raider games. Her new weapon fits her personality and style like a glove and I was happy to see this long-time favorite video game character as an archer.

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link - The Legend of Zelda

How can we not include Link from the Legend of Zelda? While this character is also a swordsman, his bow has been an essential part of his adventures from a very long time. You always need his bow and arrow to defeat some of the main bosses in most of the games. I’m particularly fond of the Wind Waker. This game really had it all and it was an epic adventure from start to finish.


Neytiri - Avatar

The lead female character in Avatar is a master of the bow and arrow. This is quite an accomplishment given that her entire tribe uses this particular weapon. This reminds me that everyone is still waiting for Avatar 2 but it takes forever to make this kind of CGI movie.

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Some honorable mentions go to Ygritte from Game of Thrones, Atalanta from Hercules, Guinevere from King Arthur and Abigail Whistler from Blade: Trinity. There are definitely other characters I’m forgetting, but these are the ones that have been memorable to me in one way or another.

Final thoughts

Famous fictional characters have become extremely popular all over the world. There is no question that many of us have been inspired by these characters. They capture our imagination and they create larger than life personas. Having said that, as an archer or even someone who is interesting in archery, you can take this inspiration and convert it to learn archery in academies and even online, and practice a lot in order to become the best archer you can be.

The best thing is that many archers decided to pick up the bow and arrow after seeing these characters. This is a great reminder of the power and the value of fictional work in society. but don’t forget, that when you decide to pick up the bow, you use the best equipment for your needs.