Safety First! The Do’s and Don’ts in Archery

Do you always keep in mind safety when practicing archery? Did you ever wondered what are the do’s and don’ts you should take into consideration when practicing archery?

Archery requires that people invest a lot of time and effort. This is essential in order to improve their accuracy with the bow and arrow. There are many important factors to consider if you want to be able to practice archery. Ideally, you need to do this in a way that is both safe and adequate.

Today, I will be talking about some of the most important do’s and don’ts of archery. These are tips that you have to keep in mind if you are planning to practice archery.

The dangers of archery


One of the biggest mistakes is that people forget this is a deadly weapon. Arrows can travel as fast as 200mph and they are strong enough to do serious damage to the human body. Even if the arrow is traveling at slower speeds, they are still quite deadly. This is the main reason why people need to learn to be very careful when they are handling arrows.


The bow itself is difficult to handle when people are not properly trained. Many self-inflicted injuries have been caused when people try shooting a bow and arrow without understanding proper posture. This is why it is always recommended that people go through a basic training process before they even shot their first arrow.

Bow and arrow are not a toy

There are many accidents with bows and arrows across the world. They mainly occur when people treat the bow and arrow as a toy instead of a weapon. You can minimize the dangers of using this weapon by understanding how to hold it. It’s also important to know when to avoid using it for safety reasons. If you feel that this is something you want to learn properly, there are probably local archery academies you can join, or you could use online courses and video tutorials to guide you through the basics.

Things to consider

You are not alone in the field

If you are in an open area, you need to make sure that you always shoot your arrows to a location that is completely clear. This means that you need to verify that no people or animals could suddenly appear. They could easily find themselves in the target zone. Keep in mind that shooting an animal with a bow and arrow without a hunting permit and outside of hunting season is illegal. Doing this could even land you in jail. Please make sure that the area where you shoot your bow and arrows is completely clear.

Make sure the target area is clear

It’s also very important to teach every person how to keep themselves and others safe at all times. No one should ever draw their bow string back unless they have confirmed the target area is clear. They should only draw once they are pointing at the target. There is no reason to draw the bow if you are not aiming at a target.

Safety first!

There are terrible accidents caused by hands slipping and people shooting their arrow at someone else. Remember that an arrow can travel very fast and it can be a very deadly instrument if not used carefully. Treat your bow with respect. This way you will be able to keep yourself and everyone else around you safe at all times.

You can also find some great safety tips for the bow and arrow on Youtube. I personally found this particular video to be very helpful for that purpose.

This video goes through a lot of basic things. There are some tips that you will probably find quite new. A good example is that you should never draw a bow if there is no arrow in it. They have some tips on shooting at tournaments or crowded places. One tip that seems obvious but I never really paid attention to, is to look behind you before you pull arrows out of your target. I never thought about this, but it could actually be a dangerous thing and you could accidentally injure someone.

Alcohol & Drugs – Never!

You should never handle a bow and arrow if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This means that both recreational and pharmaceutical drugs can be a problem depending on their side effects. I know this is common sense, but some people injure themselves because they shoot their bow while being intoxicated.

Can I practice archery anywhere?

You can’t really practice archery anywhere you want without restrictions. There are many locations in the world that consider the bow and arrow to be a lethal weapon. This means that you need to be able to have a permit to carry a bow and arrow in some countries. While this is not common, it’s important to learn the laws in any area where you plan to travel with your bow and arrow.

Your property – your responsibility

You can have an archery range inside your property. The safety measures are your responsibility. Most laws and regulations relate to public locations, so you are probably safe to practice archery at home without any issues. I do recommend that you learn the basics on how to build a safe archery range in your home for both outdoors and indoors practice.

Don’t forget that there are no universal laws in terms of how a bow and arrow is perceived. Finding out about the laws in any traveling location is a must for any archer. This is going to be as easy as making a quick call or contacting a government website asking for information on travel laws and permits. You want to double check this for certain items you carry.  

Hunting with a bow and arrows

Hunting is an amazing sport that can be quite exciting. It’s important that an archer learns to shoot their bow with accuracy in order to give the animals they hunt and quick and humane death. Archers also need to look into the local laws in any location that they choose for hunting.

Once you have your permits for hunting, you need to consider many specific rules for hunting in any area. Remember that you are probably not the only person hunting within any given area. Safety is extremely important in these situations. Most hunting grounds and areas have their own set of rules that hunters need to read before they enter the hunting area.

There are also specific animals that you can hunt in some countries and states. You should never forget this when you plan to go on a hunting trip. You could end up in trouble with the law if you fail to comply with the regulations that they set for hunting you can only do during certain months of the year. This is very common in many US states. They have specific laws in terms of the types of bows allowed, the types of animals that you can hunt, and the time of the day or the time of the year when archers can use their bows and arrows.

Do you need a license to own archery bows?

Yes, in most situations, you will need to have a license if you own a professional bow. This is a lethal weapon and that means that in some areas, it could be considered a weapon comparable to a firearm. With that said, there are some areas in the world that don’t require any permits or licenses for people to own and shoot a bow and arrow. This is why the best advice that I can give to every one of you is that you check the local laws. This is important for any specific location that you are planning to visit.

Archery hunting can be a felony depending on the law in the area you are hunting. This is the main reason why it would be irresponsible for me to consider saying that archery hunting is either legal or illegal. This will depend on where you are when you make use of your bow.

Can anyone practice archery at any age?

There are no limitations in terms of age for people to practice archery. Children under the age of eight should avoid archery. This is mainly due to the lack of control that children have over their bodies before they reach that age.  

There are some exceptions like Korean children who start learning how to use the bow and arrow earlier than that. They use very special bows for small children. It’s also important to note that archery is embedded in their culture. They see it as part of their upbringing and have different training standards.

Final thoughts

There are many things you should consider when you pick up a bow and arrow. The safety of those around you is just as important as your own. This is why we recommend that you are always very aware of your surroundings. You also need to be aware of the laws in regards to bow and arrow usage. Remember that this is different in some areas of the world. This is going to be essential if you want to avoid legal repercussions.