Top Archery Games for PC and Mobile You Must Play

Have you ever wondered how many archery games available for PC and mobile? lots of them are free!

There is no question that the world of archery has always been quite fascinating for many of us. Also, I believe that someone who is passionate about something I always going to make time for their passion. This can also mean finding other activities that involve what they love. In addition, for me archery is something that I enjoy doing even in video games – yes, I love video games about archery or feature archery, and today, I will be mentioning a few of my personal favorites pc and mobile archery games

Simple archery games

This is a list of games that are most simplistic in their mechanics. However, some of them do provide a nice simulation of the bow and arrow mechanics. In addition, these are games that you can pick up and play without worrying about a learning curve.

Archery Bowmasters 3D

This is probably my favorite archery game. However, It tries to simulate the first-person perspective of shooting a bow and arrow. In addition, there are many different types of targets and modes in the game and it’s a free game you can download on your computer. I won’t be posting links to the games because they are available on many sites. Therefore, this is why it’s better for people to type the name of the game. This way they can look for the sites with faster downloads based on their region.

Free download of the game can be found here: Archery Bowmasters 3D

Stickman Archery 2 Bow Hunter

This Android game is going to keep any fan of archery entertained for a long time. In addition, there are many adventures for you to pursue in this game. Your character is going to have to conquer many challenges. This is not meant to be an accurate archery simulator, but instead, more of an adventure type game with archery.

Free download of the game can be found here: Stickman Archery 2 Bow Hunter

Archery Star

This one is also an extremely fun and reliable archery video game. In addition, It will provide plenty of fun with the first-person perspective of an archer- There are plenty of challenging levels and areas to keep you engaged for a long time.

Free download of the game can be found here: Archery Star


This is also a PC game that proves to be extremely fun. It’s probably doing to be the most difficult out of the games I have mentioned in this list – but it’s also the one that is going to be most addictive. Therefore, I like the fact that they even include wind velocity in this game and other great challenges.

Free download of the game can be found here: Longbow

Archery Blitz

Ideal for those who prefer games that are more on the cartoonish side and just plain fun. In addition, you get to use all kinds of archery related weapons with inventive and original ideas. I find this one to be one of my personal favorites because it provides hours of fun without complications. This is also for windows but I think it has been ported to Android as well.

Free download of the game can be found here: Archery Blitz

Other games on pc, console, and mobile

There are many games out there that include archers and some archery events, but none of them are just for archery. For example, a few games about the Olympics have included some archery in them, but they have not been very accurate for this purpose.

The best of archery games for PC

Now, this is a list of games that are much more serious. They are longer games with better graphics and great plots, but most importantly, they use a good level of realistic physics for the bow and arrow.

Stranded Deep

This is a game about a person that gets stranded on an island. The use of the bow and arrow becomes an essential part of your survival in the game. You shoot small animals on the island as well as fish near the shore. I love this title, it’s very unique and the shooting physics are quite good. You will spend a lot of time just looking for food in this game, but it’s surprisingly addictive.  

If you want to play this amazing game Stranded Deep

I would compare playing this game to watching castaway, but Tom Hanks would have a bow and arrow in this version.

Sniper 3

This game is a truly incredible graphical and simulation FPS, but this is not really an archery game only. The good news is that you can use the bow and arrow to complete a large number of missions. This is a way game with some amazing shooting challenges with the bow and arrow. It also includes some great statistics to show you how much distance your shot covered.

Sniper Elite 3 is a very realistic game, so expect the wind velocity and other elements to be very influential when you take a shot.

For a great archery experience Sniper 3

Sniper3 pc game

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter

This is as good as it gets when it comes to making proper use of bow hunting mechanics in a game. If it’s a good level of realism you want, you will find that this title I going to provide the level of depth you need. Many types of bow and arrow to choose from when you go for a hunt. What really makes me like this game is that they took the time to show a very detailed trajectory for the arrow. It also gives you the exact organs it hits on your target.

If you are into the realism of the hunt and the waiting time to find your prey, Cabela’s Big Game Hunter is the game for you without a doubt.

Cabela's Big Game Hunter

Rise of the Tomb Raider

While most people remember Lara Croft as gun wielder primarily – This is a game that features the bow and arrow more than anything else. There are some fights in this game with bears and other animals that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is my personal favorite Tomb Raider game because of how much focus is given to the bow.

I feel that this one might be one of the hardest games to learn to play, so be sure to have patience at first.

I feel like this is a must game for everyone not only the archery fans Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise Of the Tomb Raider

The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim

This is the largest adventure in this list and one of the best weapons is the bow. You will kill dragons and all kinds of monsters will your trusty bow and arrow. It’s also a first-person game and the shooting is incredibly fun. If you play this game, be ready to spend countless hours exploring the vast world it offers.

This is what is known as an action role-playing game, so you will be meeting a lot of characters and talking to them too.

If you like that kind of game where there is a story behind The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim is exactly for you.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim pc game

Dying Light

This one is not for the faint of heart. A Zombie apocalypse has people doing all they can to survive. The use of the bow and arrow on a first-person perspective is essential in order to kill zombies without attracting too much attention. Gorgeous visuals and great shooting mechanics. This probably the most stressful and scary of all the games on this list.

If you like scary movies this is probably the game for you Dying Light

Dying Light pc game
Dying Light

Assassins Creed Origins

All of the games in this saga have always been about Stealth, but this one really does give you plenty of freedom to use the Bow and Arrow in order to get through many missions. I love the way this game plays and looks. Some of the shots you can take from a distance are very rewarding. I think that I took shots that seemed impossible and they felt great.

You will see some of the most gorgeous landscapes when you play the Assassins Creed Origins game. I find it to be one of the best games for exploration.

Assassins Creed Origins
Assassins Creed Origins

Far Cry Primal

This game really takes the use of the bow and arrow seriously. Set in the times of the cave dwellers, this wild adventure will have you shooting all kinds of majestic animals as well as tribal enemies. One of the most engaging games I have ever played. Your archery skills will play a major role in your survival.

I feel that this game is very complex in many ways, but also quite easy to start playing just to shoot your bow and arrow and explore freely.

For gamers who like complexity and realism this is your game Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal pc game
Far Cry Primal

My personal favorite is Horizon Zero Dawn

This is only on PS4 – it’s not on PC and it’s not on Android, but I needed to talk about this game. This is my personal favorite archery game ever made. The truth is that no other game involving archery has captured my attention as much as this one. I love the character (Aloy) and the different types of bow and arrow you can craft for your adventure. In addition, It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where machines rule the earth. Above all, I highly recommend Horizon Zero Dawn if you have a PS4.

Horizon PlayStation game

Final thoughts

Video games that include archery are great and this is a list of games that won’t disappoint you. In addition, they all have their own way to approach the use of the bow and arrow. This makes them very interesting on their own terms. However, I would suggest you pick a game that suits the style of the plot you like. above all, there are plenty to choose from ranging from war and ancient plots to adventurous heroic females and zombie-killing survivalists.

Happy gaming archers!