How to Travel with Archery Kit Around the Globe

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel with your archery kit to other countries?

Having to be at an airport answering questions because you have a case that looks suspicious could be awkward. I believe that this is a very important topic to include in this blog. I have been thinking of some topics that people can find useful. This one relates to the care and transportation of your bow and arrows.

Many of us are into traveling and we love meeting archers from different locations all over the globe. I have noticed that there are plenty of traveler articles online, but they focus on destinations. This post is going to focus on the best way to travel with your archery kit.       

Traveling with an archery kit is a completely different thing than traveling with golf clubs or with a tennis racket. A bow and arrow seen as a lethal weapon is not an impossible situation. This means that in some countries it might be illegal to travel with them. This is going to be a problem if you don’t have a specific permit. There are issues that could come up at airports. Some people have had to suspend a flight because they don’t get permission to travel with their equipment.                 

This particular article provides a guide for those who are planning to travel with an archery kit. I have had my share of anecdotes that I will be sharing in this post, but there are many factors to consider, such as the traveling case you buy, and the precautions you need to take depending on your destination. Having said that, let’s get started with this article. This is going to give you the details you need to ensure that your travel will go smoothly without any issues. 

Once you start to get into archery at professional or semiprofessional levels, you are going to be traveling a lot more if you want to be able to test your skills. You will definitely be boarding more planes and dealing with customs all the time. Some archers who have visited half of the world to travel. They will travel for tournaments and it can be a very exciting journey without a doubt.       

Airports and archery kits

Fortunately, most airports don’t consider an archery kit to be any kind of weapon that requires specific permits. Do keep in mind that this is usually going to end up in the baggage compartments below. This means you won’t be able to carry it with you to your seat. There are no airlines that allow this sort of equipment as carry-on, but I would simply make a call first. This will let you see if the airport has any specific rules regarding this sort of equipment.  

If someone asks you to open the case for inspection, you should be fine as long as airport security is aware of the kind of equipment they will evaluate. Be sure to answer any questions they ask without hesitation and remind them that you are a sports archer. I would be even better if you happen to be traveling to an archery tournament or event, and you can show proof that you are attending.

I have traveled with my archery kit many times, and I only remember once having to explain what it was when I traveled to Costa Rica. There were no significant issues to report. They asked a few questions and I showed them the tournament schedule and location. This was enough for them to let me take my archery equipment into the country without any issues.       

The one thing that you have to remember when traveling with archery kit is that people will ask questions. So, just be prepared to answer those questions and you should have no problems. I would definitely advise that you learn the rules regarding any kind of weapon entering into a specific territory. There might be a few places where this could be a legal issue, so just be careful and consider that possibility.               

A good word of advice would be to know which countries have the strictest laws in general. China, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Syria and North Korea. There are other countries with strict laws, but when you travel to those countries, you can expect to deal with very strict laws to enter their territory. There is a chance that no archery laws are part of it, but it’s always better to find out and be prepared.

Buying a proper case for your kit

You can’t take your archery kit anywhere without a good traveling case. This is going to provide optimal protection for your bow and for the components that go with it. Just be sure to get an airline-grade case that is going to keep the contents protected at all times. In my case, I know that my traveling equipment is very expensive, so I don’t mind investing in a quality case that is going to protect that investment.

There are both hard and soft cases for archery kits, but I strongly recommend that you only use the soft bag when you are traveling locally in a vehicle. You really need to consider a hard case for the rough ride when equipment is placed inside an airliner. I have heard some horror stories, but I can honestly say none of my equipment has ever been damaged, so I can’t speak from experience, but I can certainly speak from the experience others have shared with me.

The last thing you want is for your archery kit to be broken in pieces by the time you open the case. I have met people at tournaments who have told me that buying a soft case ended up badly. So, remember that the soft cases are ok for moving around in your area, but they are not ideal when you have to live the equipment inside a compartment.

You can find some great archery cases on Amazon. I could recommend other places, but Amazon has always been my place to go for this sort of equipment. There are all kinds of cases that range from very low costs to professional traveling cases that can cost a couple of hundred bucks. Even the most expensive cases are usually quite affordable or the quality they provide, so I would suggest that you invest in a durable hard case.

Remember that some of these cases are smaller than others, so be sure to check dimensions to see if your equipment is going to fit in the case you choose. It’s a good idea to take your time and this is going to make it much easier for you to find the right one. Just browse around and look at the feature of each case, but also look into customer reviews. This is always the most accurate way to choose a good quality case. The item descriptions are never going to tell the whole truth, but the buyers are should be honest.

It’s always important that you protect the contents of your case. Airline baggage handlers are not going to be as careful as you when handling your case, so if you can put some clothing inside the case to cover up the bow and arrow for an extra cushion, this would be ideal for optimal protection. You could also purchase arrow tubes on Amazon. I travel with the Carbon Express CX Tube and this is ideal for me. It can hold up to 12 arrows and it’s quite a durable and slick looking tube. One that you can take with you to any location.

There are other options too if you feel that this one is not right for you. Just type “arrow tubes” on Amazon and there will be quite a few different brands that you can purchase. Just be sure to choose one that is going to be durable and easy to carry.   

Another important thing to remember is that small equipment for your bow should always be carried separately. This helps you get rid of bulk inside your cases and tubes. you can carry those accessories and items around in a small handbag. Traveling light with compact gear is always ideal. This is very important when you have to walk around with your archery kit for extended periods of time.

Final thoughts

I believe that those of us who are into archery are usually very passionate about our sport. We consider this to be part of our lives and we love to travel with our equipment. This is why I decided to write this post and give archers tips and advice for safe travels. Having an audience for what I write and hearing your opinions keeps me motivated. I truly appreciate your support.

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect while traveling, I hope you are able to travel safely and without any kind of setbacks. Check back soon for new articles related to archery.