The Best 10 Gifts for Archers

Have you ever wondered what kind of gifts you could give to an archer?

When people ask me what kind of gifts they can give to me, I always make it simple for them. I tell them they can give me any kind of gift they want that is related to archery. With that said, this gave me the idea of creating an article that provides ten great gift ideas that you can give to any archer. These are all things that archers are going to find useful, and they have different price ranges so you can choose the gift that is most convenient for your wallet.

The best gifts ideas for archers

A Quiver

This is one of the most essential things that you can give to an archer. The quiver holds the arrows and it can also be used to carry shooting gear. If you want to give this to someone you know, make sure that you find out their favorite color for their bow and arrow and gear. This is going to allow you choose a color that is ideal for them. You can’t go wrong with this particular gift and choosing the right color will make it an ever better gift idea to give to any archer.

I would suggest that you take a look at some quiver options online to see the different price ranges. This is going to give you a good idea of how much you could be spending on this gift.

Shooting range pass

There are many shooting ranges that sell passes so people can practice whenever they feel like it. This is a great gift to give to any archer without a doubt. You can look for local archery ranges in your area and find out if they sell passes. It’s very likely that they do and they probably have some great deals. You can be sure that any archer that gets this gift is going to make use of it. Nothing is more fun for an archer than having fun at a shooting range.

There are several great shooting range promotions in my area, but this is probably not always the case in some locations. This gift could be even more valuable if you find a shooting range that is unknown by the archer.

A target

There are some great targets that you can buy for archers. Some of these targets are quite affordable and they can provide many hours of shooting fun to any archer, so this is definitely the kind of thing that is never going to fail to make an archer happy. You can purchase foam targets that can be used many times. This is an excellent gift for any archer regardless of their skill level.

Trust me when I say that no archer is ever going to reject or dislike this gift. It doesn’t matter what kind of target you buy, they will love the gift. You could even buy a 3D target such as a deer or a dinosaur. These are the best targets because they provide a very realistic target instead of a large canvas.


This might seem like a no brainer, but the problem is that you can’t just buy any arrow for an archer. They need to use the arrows that best fit their style and their bow. This means that you should at least consider borrowing one of their arrows so you can take it to the shop. Then you are going to be able to buy the right kind of arrows and this will make your gift truly worth buying.

There are quite a few different types of arrows and you can even ask the store to customize the arrows with a name or logo. This can be a great way for you to personalize the gift.


The bowstring is not something you replace daily or monthly, but they do have to be changed every year on average. This is just like buying arrows, you need to bring the bow to the shop so they can sell the ideal bowstring to you, so this is not the most practical gift, but alternatively, you can just take a photo of the bow and check the model.

Popular belief is that only arrows need replacement, but the bow string also wears out. This is a good gift as long as you know the right type to buy.

Archery lessons

This is a gift that is ideal for amateur archers who want to learn how to upgrade their skills. If you know ay archers that are just getting started, this might be a great gift to get to them. Look for local archery instructors in your area. You can then book some lessons to give them to this person as a gift.

There are many archery schools that provide special packages for those looking to learn the essentials. You can also find some advanced classes in case the archer has some experience.

Bow stand

A good bow stand is always a great gift to give to an archer. This is a very practical and useful thing to have. It allows the archers to hang their bow and avoid placing it on the floor where it could be damaged. Some bow stands can have enough room for several bows too and this is ideal for an archery range at home.

There are many materials for bow stands and many different brands, but choosing one that is durable and also looks good is always the best choice. A good bow stand can easily last a lifetime.

A spotting scope

This is a great gift if you know that an archer if you know they are serious about archery. It provides an excellent addition to any archer that is looking for a complete experience when they are shooting their bow and arrow. These scopes are not usually cheap, but this is a great gift that can really enhance the archery experience.

This is a bit more of a sophisticated gift for archers that take this more seriously. You should only get this to an archer that you know is committed to archery. Casual archers are more likely to prefer something else from this list.

A sight

Adding a nice sight to a bow can be a great way to improve accuracy. This also requires that the bow is taken into consideration. This is important to see if it the sight will be ideal for this purpose. Some sights can be quite expensive, but others are simple and affordable, so just look for the options you have.

A sight for a bow is not only great for accuracy, but it also enhances the appeal of the bow and the value of the bow. Most bows don’t come with sights, so this is a great addition.

A gift card for an archery shop

This is probably the best one to give to an archer. That is if you don’t want to risk buying the wrong kind of gift. There are many stores that have gift cards. You can visit your local archery store to see what they have to offer. This is perfect because it gives the archer the chance to pick something they really like.

Other alternatives

If you know someone is very passionate about archery, you can also give them a gift that is going to remind them of that passion. For example, my wife gave me an archery t-shirt as a gift and I found this to be an awesome gift. If you know an archer likes video games, maybe you could buy a game that features archery. Perhaps a subscription to an archery magazine, or a poster of a popular archer from fiction or even a real archer they admire.

There are also some great movies that have archers and this can be a great option to keep in mind. Maybe something like the hunger games or the TV show arrow. Any kind of material like this is going to be quite welcome by archers.

I think that one of the best gifts I have ever heard about is a rustic bow and arrow. A female friend of mine who is an archer got this gift from her husband who built the bow from a piece of wood and carved it out himself. I know that so much work is not something you do for everyone. This is just an example of how being creative can also provide a good gift idea for archers.

Final thoughts

Giving people gifts that relate o things they enjoy is always a great way to show that you care. You are going to make any archer very happy if you give them a gift from the list I just shard with you. Keep in mind that prices will depend on your area, the store you purchase and the brand you choose. Some of the gift options that we mentioned are quite affordable. They are all very likely to be valuable those who practice archery at any level.

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